Our Frequently Asked Questions

  • What type of services do CBM offer?

    CBM specialises in the facility and maintenance services of organisations with complex branch networks engaging local contractors, Australia wide. Please see below for specific services:
    ● General Maintenance and Building Projects
    ● Grounds and Garden Maintenance
    ● Plumbing
    ● Electrical and Air Conditioning
    ● Painting
    ● Flooring and Carpeting
    ● Landscaping
    ● Pest Control
    ● Locksmith
    ● Cleaning
    ● And anything else you might need! See website for full list of services!

  • What areas do CBM cover?

    CBM operates Australia wide and can source new contractors as required! CBM partners with thousands of contractors in towns and cities all around Australia, coordinating our clients’ entire facility service and maintenance requirements. CBM has a strict contractor selection process that ensures all due diligence and WHS compliance is of the highest standards, managing risk for our clients.

  • Do CBM cover commercial or residential property?

    CBM specialise in commercial facility management!

  • Do CBM manage compliance, risk and client specific requirements?

    CBM provides assurance to our clients that all contractors working on their sites are properly insured, licensed and inducted to carry out the required works.
    ● CBM’s risk management policies aim to mitigate risk, avoid penalties and reputational damage.
    ● CBM can manage any type of client specific requirement on their behalf, e.g. police checks and other security clearances.
    ● CBM is focused on the identification and assessment of risks in the workplace to minimise, monitor and control events. When combined with our systematic, cost effective asset management process and maintenance planning schedules, workplace safety and productivity are free to operate at peak levels.

  • Do CBM have a WHS Management System?

    Definitely! Our WHS compliance is of the highest standard as CBM adopts a proactive risk management approach, which is an integral part of overall business operations. CBM has been continually improving our WHS system over the last 9 years. CBM has a target of ZERO incidents resulting in injury or lost time!

  • Do CBM carry out due diligence for every work order?

    Definitely. Carrying out due diligence on every job is a critical part of CBM’s contractor selection process!

  • What type of pricing structure do CBM use?

    CBM customises its pricing structure for each client based on their requirements. CBM can offer a range of different pricing structures including individual site pricing.

  • How does CBM ensure value for money/cost efficiency?

    CBM seeks to source and establish relationships with contractors that are not only price competitive, but add value through experience, professionalism and quality!

  • Do CBM engage subcontractors?

    We sure do! CBM has established relationships with 100’s of contractors Australia wide who we partner with on a regular basis!

  • Do CBM pay their suppliers/contractors on time?

    CBM understands the struggles of small business and has a strict policy of paying our contractors within 30 days!

  • Do CBM source and on-board new contractors?

    CBM can source and on-board new contractors at any time! Let CBM ensure compliance is up to date, giving you real peace of mind!

  • Do CBM support local contractors and communities?

    Since inception, the philosophy of “national focus, local people” has been close to the corporate heart of CBM. With its roots in regional Australia, CBM understands the challenges faced by regional communities and has always been committed to partnering with local contractors, ensuring quality of work and cost effectiveness.

  • Is CBM Australian owned and operated?

    Absolutely! CBM is proudly Australian owned and operated!

  • Do CBM operate 24/7?

    CBM provides the services you need when you need them – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!


    Devote precious resources to your core activities with full confidence that facility management required for the safety and comfort of staff and customers, required by law and manufactures’ warranties, are coordinated on-time and reflect best practice in facility management.


    Mitigate risk, avoid penalties and reputational damage, limit premature wear or failure of property, associated appliances and equipment.


    Be confident that every contractor will be fully qualified, insured, inducted, hold the appropriate clearances, will undertake their work in the safest manner possible and at the right price, adding real value to your business, fully managed and supported by CBM Facilities Group.