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Becoming a CBM Contractor The CBM Facilities Group
Becoming a CBM Contractor Australia Wide

Becoming a CBM Contractor

Benefits for Contractors
Becoming a CBM contractor will cost you nothing except a little of your time, the benefits on the other hand are much more substantial.
● Contractors gain access to CBM’s client base Australia wide.
● Develop and maintain a long-term relationship with a respected, national tier 2 facilities services and maintenance company.
● Simply phone one number to speak to our friendly, helpful staff with 24/7 access to our call centre.
● Prompt payment of accounts.
● First class communication including contractor safety and industry alerts.
● CBM is another source of work that costs nothing to be a part of.
● Access to proven procedures in all areas of works provision.

Who can become a CBM Contractor?
If you and your business are held in good regard in your community, CBM are interested in starting a business relationship with you. CBM contractors must:
● Hold the appropriate trade licences for the work they carry out.
● Have current Public Liability Insurance of at least $10,000,000.
● Have Workers Compensation Insurance that covers every member of the business’ workforce.
● Have a WHS Management system and use safe work practices in all areas of your business.

Apply to join the CBM Team
CBM are always interested in talking to potential new contractors. To join our team, simply click the button below, download, the “Subcontractor Information Form”.



This snapshot of our Facility Management services is by no means exhaustive so get in touch to discuss your needs with us.

Maintenance Services

• Handyman services
• Minor and major building works
• Electrical and air conditioning
• Plumbing
• Painting
• Landscaping
• Carpeting
• Flooring

Specialised reports

Property Inspections and Valuations

Soft Services

• Pest control
• Cleaning
• Waste removal
• Security
• Locksmith
• Fire equipment servicing
• Grounds and garden maintenance

Building Projects

• Building refurbishment
• Extensions
• New constructions
• Fit outs


    Devote precious resources to your core activities with full confidence that facility management required for the safety and comfort of staff and customers, required by law and manufactures’ warranties, are coordinated on-time and reflect best practice in facility management.


    Mitigate risk, avoid penalties and reputational damage, limit premature wear or failure of property, associated appliances and equipment.


    Be confident that every contractor will be fully qualified, insured, inducted, hold the appropriate clearances, will undertake their work in the safest manner possible and at the right price, adding real value to your business, fully managed and supported by CBM Facilities Group.