The Challenge about being the "Middle-Man" in Facility's Management


As the Facility Manager, it’s common to be the single point-of-contact for all staff members and contractors involved with the project… Charged with the responsibilities of making sure things get done, you coordinate all the human and material resources needed to keep the business you are charged with running smoothly. While this is a common process in any scenario, what is uncommon is spending endless hours facilitating, managing and moderating several communication portals used by your team. It’s more beneficial to reduce the communication platforms to just one. There are many tools and resources available to easily implement this in a seamless manner. Not only will it set boundaries for your team (no more texting or flooding your emails), but it will ensure that everyone can clearly communicate challenges, tasks and progress in a place where EVERYONE can see and opine. For more tips, download our eBook: “The 6 Principal Rules for Powerful Communication” ~