Building Lasting Professional Relationships

Exceptional customer service, an enthusiastic work ethic, attention to detail, timeliness and transparency really are just the beginning. At CBM Facilities Group, we have an even bigger vision above and beyond the most exceptional service in the country. Raising the industry as a whole on every level, from compliance to safety, business and community relationships, contractor partnerships and client satisfaction is our now and our future.

Building lasting professional relationships is integral to the CBM ethos. With our focus on team oriented values and building community for our contractors in order to create a safe and prosperous environment for all, we deliver a two tiered service that, on the one hand, facilitates compliance and, on the other, coordinates the works.

The question of compliance done well is significantly unaddressed in our industry, leaving Facilities Managers severely exposed to all levels of moral and legal risk. While facilitating compliance on every level is an enormous task, it is a pivotal game changer for the industry and a non-negotiable for us.

All CBM contractors are vetted, supported and guaranteed to have all compliance necessary to complete your jobs so that safety is assured and no one is left exposed. We provide access to hundreds of compliant CBM contractors who prioritise our works because of the financial security they have enjoyed during their relationship with us. To solidify the strength of our relationships, we ensure communications with our contractors are direct and personal, creating lasting respect, trust and care, which then flow seamlessly to the work carried out for you.

With our roots in regional Australia, CBM understands the challenges faced by regional communities and has always been committed to partnering with local contractors, ensuring quality of work and cost effectiveness. The benefits are both personal and financial, assuring a prompt response time, costs kept to a minimum and increased accountability as their work is on display to the rest of their community. If you are a Facility or Property Manager and would like to see how our Integrated Tracker and Database works, CBM will be happy to demonstrate it. Simply contact us to arrange a time.


    Devote precious resources to your core activities with full confidence that facility management required for the safety and comfort of staff and customers, required by law and manufactures’ warranties, are coordinated on-time and reflect best practice in facility management.


    Mitigate risk, avoid penalties and reputational damage, limit premature wear or failure of property, associated appliances and equipment.


    Be confident that every contractor will be fully qualified, insured, inducted, hold the appropriate clearances, will undertake their work in the safest manner possible and at the right price, adding real value to your business, fully managed and supported by CBM Facilities Group.